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Chartered Accountants and Business Advisors
Bury and Greater Manchester

Never before has the world of business changed, and continued to change, at such an ever-increasing rate. Never before have businesses been faced with so many challenges in order to make progress and continue to thrive. That is why at Metcalfes we have developed a range of business advisory services that dovetail with our renowned expertise in accountancy to provide a comprehensive package of solutions that work and evolve with your company.


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We believe strongly, that in order to understand the wider issues surrounding your business we have to get under its skin. And that is why we look to establish strong personal links through our partners and staff so that your people feel confident whenever they get in touch. Needless to say we have both staff and clients that have been with us for a considerable time.

Once we begin to establish a close working relationship through regular contact we will then look to be proactive in terms of assessing the nature of your business and recommending products and solutions that will be tailored to your exact requirements. We have established a highly effective network of like-minded specialists who can be brought in to cover specific projects. Similarly we will be only too happy to work alongside people you already have as part of your team. In essence you are able to draw on the full range of talent available at Metcalfes plus individual expertise as and when required.

Our considerable experience has shown us that there are no ‘quick-fire’ answers. The days when a business could meet with its accountants for a once a year chat are long gone. Planning for the future is the key to continued success. We look to get to know you and your company and to become an extended part of your business. That way we can move forward with confidence together.